Hey Guys and Girls!

Spring Break season is here - along with that, comes increased sexual pressures and HUGE opportunity to get into a sticky situation.  Be prepared!  Here are a few ways to avoid all the consequences of risky sexual behavior on Spring Break...

  1. KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON. You don't want a herpes outbreak to match that cute polka dot bikini/trunks.
  2. BRING YOUR POSSE. Always travel in groups...everywhere!
  3. DON'T USE ALCOHOL OR DRUGS: Studies show that one third of teens and young adults reported "going further" than intended sexually when alcohol was involved. (*Kaiser Family Foundation)
  4. LOOKS ARE DECEIVING. Just because he or she is "smokin' hot" doesn't mean they don't have a nasty STD that may or may not be visible. Steer clear.
  5. AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE. What happens at the beach DOES NOT stay at the beach!

Need to talk?  It's ok to ask for help.  Call HOPE Resource Center 865.525.4673

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Need to Talk?

It's ok to ask for help. Call HOPE Resource Center 865.525.4673